Tim Fransen on morality

“Morality should not be about truth, but about values. Danger arises as soon as the concept of ‘truth’ is introduced in a domain where it does not belong, namely the moral and existential domain.

The graveyard of history is littered with examples: from the bloody religious wars that fought for the only religious ‘Truth’, to the sacrifices of the communist state that was the end of history. And in the same way many populists present the alluring fable that ‘The Will’ by ‘The People’ is unambiguous, and that society will have a perfect harmony when it is executed.

In the words of Isaiah Berlin: One conviction is more than any other responsible for the slaughter of individuals on the great altar of the great historical ideals. This is the belief that somewhere in the past or future, in a divine revelation or in the mind of an individual philosopher, in the findings of history or science or in the simple heart of an impeccably good person, a definitive solution exists.”

– Tim Fransen (Dutch comedian and philosopher)

I completely agree with this. Morality is not about truth, and there is no such thing as ‘the one and only truth’ when it comes to values and ideas. Thinking otherwise is dangerous.