On conformity

A certain level of conformity to rules and social conventions is necessary to prevent things ending in chaos. I am glad most people conform to road rules for instance. Or that we conform to the social habit of putting on clothes before we go out. Imagine what would happen if we’d say “f*ck conformity” in these cases… So in many cases conformity can be helpful. It makes society run more or less smoothly and it helps us to fit in and function properly.

But of course it can be harmful as well. Especially if conformity is driven by fear or coersion and prevents people to become who they want to be. Unfortunately this still happens a lot. And it’s not just totalitarian societies that put pressure on people to conform. For instance there’s a lot of people who get married and have children because that’s what their social environment is expecting from them (or at least they think that is what is expected). Some people don’t pursue their dream carreer because it doesn’t have their parents approval. And of course many people adopt behaviour just to be liked, to fit in.

Personally, I’d say that conformity is perfectly fine as long as 1) you do so by free choice, 2) because you have thought about it and have good reasons to do so, and 3) you feel OK about it. In all other cases I’d encourage you to make your own choices, follow your own path and be who you want to be.